October 24

The Perfect Pumpkin

On Halloween night in a pumpkin patch, 3 kids named  Addison, Addie, and Aubrey, the three A’s went to a pumpkin patch to find the perfect pumpkin. They found their perfect pumpkin. They were trying  to find the farmer so they could pay for their pumpkin.  They looked in the pumpkin patch and saw a knife stuck in the ground. All of a suddenly, a witch popped out of the ground and ran to the barn. Addie said “Let’s go and solve this mystery,” “But what if she sees us?” Said Addison.”Come on Addie is right we need to go find out what is up with this witch ,” Said Aubrey. ”Creek Creek,” Went the barn door.”There she is,” She jumped on a ball of hay. ”Wait!” Then the old light came on and the girls saw the farmer tied up.”What happened?” Said Aubrey,” I just pranked you,” ”What,”Said the girls.”If this is just a prank then why was there a knife stuck in the ground ?”That was for carving pumpkins” ”Oh, and who was that witch?” ”That was my niece, now witch pumpkin do you want?”

October 13


imageI chose the Jamestown colony because I think they have a little more experience than the pilgrim’s did since they came to America first. Here we have gold, silver and, riches for you! We have lots of wood for you to build with. We have fresh water from the well for you to drink on a hot day. If you come join Jamestown colony you can earn gold and silver by working. We are settled in Virginia ,and a lot of us are male. I hope you come join Jamestown colony have a great day.