April 21

Humans of 5th grade

   It was a hot summer day in East Texas as we loaded the truck, and headed to Dallas. As I wiggled around in my seat and asked constantly,”are we there yet?” or ,”how much longer?” Finally, we got at Great Wolf Lodge. There were about a million people there. Immediately we checked in to our room, and changed into our swim suits. We headed down to the water park, and we were so excited. The first thing we did was stand under the big bucket of water, as the water slammed down on me. Then we went to the wave pool. The waves were so tall. We swam for a couple of minutes. It got late, and I started getting hungry. So we went and ate. Then we went to the arcade games. I won a giant slinky. It got late so we went to bed. The next morning we woke up and ate. Sadly we had to leave, but I had fun.