May 15

Alice in a game land

Mrs.Brantley’s homeroom
Alice in Gameland

People in group- Jessica, Alyssa, Baylee, Valeria, Graycen, Kyleigh, and Addi.

Who is doing What-
Jessica-Creating gameboard.
Alyssa-program game pieces on scratch.
Baylee-game pieces on 3D printer.
Valeria-Helping Jessica creating gameboard.
Graycen-game pieces on 3D printer.
Kyleigh-program game pieces.
Addi-program game pieces on scratch.

Describe game board- our game board is called Alice in Gameland how it works is you first roll the dice as how you are moving then you draw from the cards as the deciding choice as if you move or not.
Card Wise- 5 or more move what’s on the dice 5 or less move none Get 6 of anything and lose your turn

Also, help Alice go through Gameland and help her to get the milk and the cake at the end in the box.
The one to either get to the end or help Alice go all the way through Gameland wins the game!!! Have Fun!!!:)

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