May 24

My 5th Grade Year

My 5th grade year went by so fast it was over before I new it. Some good things about 5th grade is that we get to do a lot of lab experiments in Mr. McBride class. So let meet the teachers the first teacher is Mrs. Brantley she is a Math teacher, and very fun.                            Mrs. Lobule is a Reading teacher we do a lot of fun stuff in her class.  Mrs Ummel is a Math and Writing teacher she lets us have a lot of free time to get things done. Now Mrs.Mcfall is a social studies teacher we do a lot of fun work in her class. Finally Mr. McBride he has to be the most craziest teacher out of all the teachers. He rides his bike in the class room, and we do some pretty cool lab experiments in his class. My favorite thing about fifth grade has to be learning about the decades at the end of the year.

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