May 24

My 5th Grade Year

My 5th grade year went by so fast it was over before I new it. Some good things about 5th grade is that we get to do a lot of lab experiments in Mr. McBride class. So let meet the teachers the first teacher is Mrs. Brantley she is a Math teacher, and very fun.                            Mrs. Lobule is a Reading teacher we do a lot of fun stuff in her class.  Mrs Ummel is a Math and Writing teacher she lets us have a lot of free time to get things done. Now Mrs.Mcfall is a social studies teacher we do a lot of fun work in her class. Finally Mr. McBride he has to be the most craziest teacher out of all the teachers. He rides his bike in the class room, and we do some pretty cool lab experiments in his class. My favorite thing about fifth grade has to be learning about the decades at the end of the year.

May 15

Alice in a game land

Mrs.Brantley’s homeroom
Alice in Gameland

People in group- Jessica, Alyssa, Baylee, Valeria, Graycen, Kyleigh, and Addi.

Who is doing What-
Jessica-Creating gameboard.
Alyssa-program game pieces on scratch.
Baylee-game pieces on 3D printer.
Valeria-Helping Jessica creating gameboard.
Graycen-game pieces on 3D printer.
Kyleigh-program game pieces.
Addi-program game pieces on scratch.

Describe game board- our game board is called Alice in Gameland how it works is you first roll the dice as how you are moving then you draw from the cards as the deciding choice as if you move or not.
Card Wise- 5 or more move what’s on the dice 5 or less move none Get 6 of anything and lose your turn

Also, help Alice go through Gameland and help her to get the milk and the cake at the end in the box.
The one to either get to the end or help Alice go all the way through Gameland wins the game!!! Have Fun!!!:)

April 21

Humans of 5th grade

   It was a hot summer day in East Texas as we loaded the truck, and headed to Dallas. As I wiggled around in my seat and asked constantly,”are we there yet?” or ,”how much longer?” Finally, we got at Great Wolf Lodge. There were about a million people there. Immediately we checked in to our room, and changed into our swim suits. We headed down to the water park, and we were so excited. The first thing we did was stand under the big bucket of water, as the water slammed down on me. Then we went to the wave pool. The waves were so tall. We swam for a couple of minutes. It got late, and I started getting hungry. So we went and ate. Then we went to the arcade games. I won a giant slinky. It got late so we went to bed. The next morning we woke up and ate. Sadly we had to leave, but I had fun.


March 24

War of 1812

W-William Henry Harrison was a U.S. military leader in the war

A-August 24,1814 British attacked Washington D.C. They burnt down many buildings including the White House.

R– Robert Jenkinson lead the United Kingdom.

O-On June 18,1812 the United States declared war on Great Britain. The first thing they did was attack the British colony on Canada

F-Finally Great Britain supported Native of American tribes in effort to prevent the United States expanding west.

1-1813 things began to turn around for the United States with a victory in the battle of lake Erie on September 19, 1813.

8-18th of June declared war on Great Britain

1-19th of September things began to turn around for the United States had a victory in the battle of Lake Erie.

2– 24th of December the treaty of  ghent was passed. The United States an Grate Britain signed and on Febuary 18th, 1815 the senate of the United States Ratified The Treaty.