February 21

The Battle of Yorktown

The British have moved in!! We are here in Yorktown, Virginia. With troop leaders George Washington and Lord Charles Cornwallis. About 381 solders killed, 500 wounded, and 8007 solders captured. This was the last major land battle. The French and Americans got surrounded, and the first move was made by Cornwallis. The Americans and French stormed two of the Redcoats, forcing them back even further. By that time it was obvious the British could not hold out much longer. Finally with no sign of releif as promised by Clinton, Cornwallis army surrenderd. The battle took place through September 28, to October 16, 1781. This Battle ended the American Revolution.


February 6

Patriot Poem

Nathan Hale was a American soldier at the time.

Captured by the British soldiers was executed.

Nathan had a kind heart.

Soldier Spy Hero

Nathan Hale

Died in 1776

Spy in the American Revolution.

Nathan was known as a brave man

His only regret was he only had one life 



January 18

It’s 2017

I was so excited about 2017 because i got to go to Disney World, and I am going to finish 5th grade and go into 6th grade. Hopefully this summer will not be as hot as last year, and it will snow. This year I will be 11 years old. The bad thing about 2017 is I have to take the STAR test. This year I get to play vollyball, and play in games.  

December 8

Pearl Harbor

On December 7, 1941 at about 8:00 a.m. on the naval base at Pearl  Harbor, in Hawaii. The Japanese attacked America which brought us into World War II. This was a big surprise even though they picked it up on the radar. They were expecting some supplies such as guns and bullets, and that is what they thought it was. They did not have that good of  technology back then. Of course the men on duty were still sleeping on their ships when they attacked. As Franklin D. Roosevelt said, ” A day that will live in infamy.”

  • 4 battle ships sunk 
  • 188 air craft destroyed 
  • 2345 military men killed 
November 10

History of Red Ribbon Week

Why do we celebrate Red Ribbon Week. Well red stands for Drug Free. Red Ribbon Week began after the kidnapping of a man named Enrique”Kiki’  Camerena in 1985. Camerena had been working under cover for for Guadalajara, Mexico for a long time. His courage  led to a discovery of a multi million dollar narcotics manufacturing operation in Chihuahua. They kidnapped Camerena and his pilot, captain Alfredo Zavala  Avelar , so stay Drug Free.

October 24

The Perfect Pumpkin

On Halloween night in a pumpkin patch, 3 kids named  Addison, Addie, and Aubrey, the three A’s went to a pumpkin patch to find the perfect pumpkin. They found their perfect pumpkin. They were trying  to find the farmer so they could pay for their pumpkin.  They looked in the pumpkin patch and saw a knife stuck in the ground. All of a suddenly, a witch popped out of the ground and ran to the barn. Addie said “Let’s go and solve this mystery,” “But what if she sees us?” Said Addison.”Come on Addie is right we need to go find out what is up with this witch ,” Said Aubrey. ”Creek Creek,” Went the barn door.”There she is,” She jumped on a ball of hay. ”Wait!” Then the old light came on and the girls saw the farmer tied up.”What happened?” Said Aubrey,” I just pranked you,” ”What,”Said the girls.”If this is just a prank then why was there a knife stuck in the ground ?”That was for carving pumpkins” ”Oh, and who was that witch?” ”That was my niece, now witch pumpkin do you want?”