February 21

The Battle of Yorktown

The British have moved in!! We are here in Yorktown, Virginia. With troop leaders George Washington and Lord Charles Cornwallis. About 381 solders killed, 500 wounded, and 8007 solders captured. This was the last major land battle. The French and Americans got surrounded, and the first move was made by Cornwallis. The Americans and French stormed two of the Redcoats, forcing them back even further. By that time it was obvious the British could not hold out much longer. Finally with no sign of releif as promised by Clinton, Cornwallis army surrenderd. The battle took place through September 28, to October 16, 1781. This Battle ended the American Revolution.


February 6

Patriot Poem

Nathan Hale was a American soldier at the time.

Captured by the British soldiers was executed.

Nathan had a kind heart.

Soldier Spy Hero

Nathan Hale

Died in 1776

Spy in the American Revolution.

Nathan was known as a brave man

His only regret was he only had one life